Monday, June 29, 2015

#MyLifeAsAHuman - Entry #229 - Beautiful Mystery

They call her a beautiful mess because they do not understand her...
Constantly trying to trap her in box made of metal bars and no breathing space.
Making her presence seem diminished and irrelevant....
They call her a beautiful mess because she is beyond their comprehension...
So free and honest and constantly in search of more...
More than they will ever be able to wrap their feeble minds around, made of narrow alleyways and lacking of individual thought.
She is a representation of all that they fear and envy, wishing to be able to grasp that childlike awareness complimented by astute and dynamic intellect....
She is what they fear most because she is fearless and real... Loving herself and knowing her worth sends alarm bells off in their minds and they wish to silence her.
She is defiant and strong... They call her reckless and fool hardy.
But none of this defines her, simply because she stretches herself far beyond what any of them will ever be able to understand.
She is dynamite on a war zone, sunshine in a storm and the rainbow during an earthquake ...
So they will learn eventually that she is not at all what they labeled her.
She never was and never will be a beautiful mess...
How could she be, when her soul screams out loud for all to hear,' 'She is freedom and divinity and there is no mess here!'
She is beauty and havoc and order and love.
She is life. Beautiful and mysterious.

- Y. Salmon

Photocredit @zahra_siddiqui

My Life As A Human- Entry#689 - The Lure

There is a thirst to understand the desires of the flesh...
The need to touch and be touched... To hunger and be provoked...
The way her body moves cries out 'release me'  let me catapult you to a new level of ecstasy that has nothing to do with my inner core... But instead seduce my inner lure....
Breathe into me the yearning of unshaken freedom...
Wrap your fingers around my mind and massage it to a new level of indescribable uphoria...
Touch my thoughts so deeply that I am driven to the edge of desire and need...
Touching myself and screaming your name in desperate release...
Handcuff me to the bed with your words as they reverberate along my skin, sending goosebumps of hungry anticipation that moisten my sweet perfection.
Handle me.
Make me hum, til I cum and explode in delectable cerebral bliss...
Riding the waves of this, our transcendent synergy.

— Y. Salmon 

Photocredit goes to @wreff.

Friday, February 20, 2015

#MyLifeAsAHuman - Free-Style-Friday

I saw you today, Crystal clear and 3D visionscape in my mind... Entangling me in your armour... Devouring me with your smile.

I am nestled now in your bosom, peaceful and serene like a new born babe, having no part in being pried from your arms. Refusing to let this moment escape me.

You kiss me gently on my forehead and rock me slow and steady like a mother bringing comfort to a child and I am whisked away to a place of severe contentment... That leaves me sated and sublime.

I have had visions of you all my life I am sure. Never certain of what this yearning really meant... Never sure of how I should pursue it's interpretation.... Rather I sat and let the vision of what you were... In my head.... Grow and blossom into what you meant... To me.

Now I am still and breathing and feeling you enclose me with your tenderness and warmth and I find myself overwhelmed with tear-streaked cheeks and a grateful heart.

Emotions have become exposed and raw in their expression and I am left to embrace them as they are mine alone to have...

-Y. Salmon

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My life as a human - Entry.... Lessons learnt by an amateur realist.

Lesson #1.
Put no one on a pedestal... Not even yourself. We are all fragile entities called humans and one day we will fuck up.

Lesson #2.
You will get your heart broken.
And if you don't then you need to.
The heart needs to know loss and disappointment in order to heal and strengthen itself.
Most importantly, it needs to prepare itself for the one who deserves you most.

Lesson #3.
Your fears are little gifts wrapped up in scary packaging. They are there to teach us that we are capable of truly doing anything.

Lesson #4.
Stress is a killer. Whatever you do, don't let it get to you. Scream, laugh, cry, talk about it or dance! But whatever you do... Don't stress about it.

Lesson #5
If you're not enjoying sex.... Then you're not doing right.

Lesson #6.
Laugh as much as possible. And then laugh some more.

Lesson #7.
Dance. Who cares if you have no rhythm... Just dance dammit.

Lesson #8.
Allow music to move you. Allow it to enter your core and sway you away into a world all your own.

Lesson #9.
Take time to show love and appreciation... Especially towards yourself. Remember. We can't give to others what we don't possess within ourselves.

Lesson #10.
Be fearless.
Don't be a chickenshit.
Believe in yourself and just do it. If you get criticized, it probably means you're doing something right.

Lesson #11.
Faith is real.
Not because you can't physically touch it, doesn't mean it's not there.

Lesson #12.
Be vulnerable with the one that keeps your heart safe. You don't have to be the hero all the time.

Lesson #13.
Love. In every form and as often as possible. Because in the end... We all need love.

And last but not least,
Lesson #14.
Sing in the shower. Just because.

-Y. Salmon.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#MyLifeAsAHuman #MyThoughtsMyWords- Love-feelings

I had this intense feeling of love today. And I thought to myself how grateful I am for having my heart broken, being mistreated, being underestimated.

I'm grateful because they have given me awareness... Something to compare to.... They have shown me the value of what it is to be loved, to be honoured, respected and knowing just how much I am capable of.

I had this intense feeling... And I know that it is love.

-Y. Salmon

#MyLifeAsAHuman - Entry 731-Queen Essence

You call me 'Queen' as if it's the most natural thing in the world...
Surrounding me with your authentic self, brimming with passion, promise and more tomorrows.

You call me Queen as if my skin is made of honey.. Tastes like sweet blueberry pie, wrapped up in the essence of rebirth and discovery...

You call me Queen with such majesty. That my soul reverberates with this knowledge and tries to explode from my skin into its new existence...
You call me Queen, with meaning and respect...

You call me Queen and I believe it. Epitomising it with such Grace and pride is not vain, just made proud... For the right reasons...

You call me 'Your Queen' and that leaves me speechless with joy and recognition. Simply because your words are never meaningless or empty....
Your words are made concrete with the follow-through of action...

You call me Queen and I answer.

Simply because I am.

-Y. Salmon