Saturday, October 18, 2014

#MyLifeAsAHuman #MyThoughtsMyWords- Love-feelings

I had this intense feeling of love today. And I thought to myself how grateful I am for having my heart broken, being mistreated, being underestimated.

I'm grateful because they have given me awareness... Something to compare to.... They have shown me the value of what it is to be loved, to be honoured, respected and knowing just how much I am capable of.

I had this intense feeling... And I know that it is love.

-Y. Salmon

#MyLifeAsAHuman - Entry 731-Queen Essence

You call me 'Queen' as if it's the most natural thing in the world...
Surrounding me with your authentic self, brimming with passion, promise and more tomorrows.

You call me Queen as if my skin is made of honey.. Tastes like sweet blueberry pie, wrapped up in the essence of rebirth and discovery...

You call me Queen with such majesty. That my soul reverberates with this knowledge and tries to explode from my skin into its new existence...
You call me Queen, with meaning and respect...

You call me Queen and I believe it. Epitomising it with such Grace and pride is not vain, just made proud... For the right reasons...

You call me 'Your Queen' and that leaves me speechless with joy and recognition. Simply because your words are never meaningless or empty....
Your words are made concrete with the follow-through of action...

You call me Queen and I answer.

Simply because I am.

-Y. Salmon

#MyLifeAsAHuman #MyThoughtsMyWords - Self Proclamation Confessional

I am a conundrum sometimes.
I get anxious mainly about things that I have no control over... And especially those things that I really want but innately I feel that I don't deserve.

The thing is, I know I'm talented, unique, funny and kind hearted. But I am often so scared of owning it, because I think it's self centred and will eventually blow up in my face.

I'm afraid of what the people closest to me will think. And I'm terrified it will affect them negatively... Causing a rift. Causing distance.
I'm afraid that I will lose them...
But I think that as a result of these fears I have lost myself in the process.
And how can you place others before yourself and expect to be happy? True happiness comes from within... And if they truly love you.... For you. Then they will accept you.

They will be happy to see you shine.... And if they don't... Then perhaps it's time to let go...

So today, I will start owning my light. Forget about the opinions. Forget about the disapproval.
Instead I will allow my light to shine... One ray at a time.... I will come full circle... Because it is what I'm meant for.

-Y. Salmon

#MyLifeAsAHuman #MyThoughtsMyWords

#MyLifeAsAHuman #MyThoughtsMyWords - You-love

Things, situations, opportunities, circumstances, jobs, people will come and go...

Some will impact you... Some will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, some will leave you with lessons... puffs of smoke that linger in the recesses of your mind.

Some will become a permanent fixture, never leaving...even if it appears they have. And some you will cherish forever...simply because of the impact they have had.

At the end of the day however, you are left with just you. Surrounded by bits and pieces of varied experiences. But it's yourself that you are left with...just you....and nothing else.

So remember that while it's nice to appreciate all these different things that have contributed to who you are... Never forget the importance of 'you'. Love yourself so much, that no one or no 'thing' can cause you to lose the value of yourself...
The value of 'you'.

You're not expected to have all the answers. You're not expected to be perfect.

Just be perfectly good with loving 'you'.

-Y. Salmon